Add channel strips at the concert level

You can add a channel strip at the concert level and use the concert-level channel strip for a software instrument or audio input you want to use in every patch in the concert.

Important: When you add a channel strip at the concert level, it takes precedence over the channel strips in the patches and sets in the concert. For example, if you add a concert-level channel strip containing a software instrument, the software instrument takes precedence over all of the software instruments in all of the patches and sets in the concert, for the notes in its key range. This means that you will hear only the sound of the concert-level software instrument and will not be able to play any software instruments in a patch or set that fall in the same key range.

Add a concert-level channel strip

  1. In the Patch List, select the concert icon.

  2. Click the Add Channel Strip button (+) at the top of the Channel Strips area.

  3. In the New Channel Strip dialog, select the type of channel strip you want to create.

  4. Choose the audio output for the channel strip from the Output pop-up menu.

  5. For audio channel strips, choose mono or stereo format from the Format pop-up menu.

    Important: Audio channel strips can produce feedback, particularly if you are using a microphone for audio input. When you add an audio channel strip, the volume of the channel strip is set to 0dB. Gradually raise the volume fader on the channel strip until you hear sound on the channel. You can also turn on Feedback Protection in MainStage > Preferences > Audio.

  6. Click Create.

  7. For software instrument channel strips, you can define the key range for the channel strip in the Channel Strip Inspector so that the concert-level channel strip does not overlap software instruments you plan to use in your patches and sets.

    For information about defining the key range of a channel strip, see Layers and splits overview.

    When you add a channel strip at the concert level, you can map screen controls to the channel strip only at the concert level, not for individual patches or sets.