Create a concert

You start by creating a concert from a template. You can also open an existing concert, to play the patches in the concert or continue editing them.

Create a new concert from a template

  1. Choose File > New.

  2. In the Choose Template dialog, choose the devices you want to use for audio input and output from the Audio Input and Audio Output pop-up menus.

    Figure. Choosing a concert template in the Choose Template dialog.
  3. Click an instrument category on the left to view templates for that category. You can also click Quick Start and choose a simple keyboard or guitar template to start playing immediately.

    A brief description below each template describes its features and intended use.

  4. Scroll to find the template you want to use, then select it.

  5. Click Choose, or double-click the template.

Choosing one of the Quick Start templates opens a new concert in Perform mode, so you can start playing immediately. Choosing any other template opens a new concert in Edit mode.