Panel controls

Panel controls appear on a two-dimensional plane (or panel) in the workspace. You can move a panel control to any position in the workspace, except onto the shelf of a shelf control. Panel controls include:

  • MIDI Activity light (displays MIDI note activity, and can be used as a substitute “keyboard”)

  • Round and directional knobs

  • Vertical and horizontal faders

  • Button

  • Drum pad

  • Vertical and horizontal level meters (used to visually display volume level or another parameter)

  • VU meter (used to visually display volume level or another parameter)

  • Parameter text (used to dynamically display parameter names and values)

  • Organ drawbar

  • Progress indicator (used with the Playback plug-in)

  • Waveform (used with the Playback plug-in)

  • Selector (used to select patches while you are performing or to select markers for use with the Playback plug-in)

  • Text (used to display song lyrics, performance notes, and other static information)

  • Background (used to group a series of controls)

  • Smart Controls (used with patches that have a Smart Controls layout)