Grouped controls

Grouped controls consist of individual controls that are grouped together to make them easier to work with as a single unit. Grouped controls include:

  • Selector grouped with increment and decrement buttons

  • Keyboard grouped with mod wheel, pitch bend wheel, and sustain pedal

  • Sustain and expression pedals

  • Organ drawbars

  • Guitar amp controls

  • Guitar pedal controls

  • Arrays of knobs and faders with uniform size and spacing

  • Effects and tone control knobs

  • Arrays of level meters and VU meters

  • Arrays of parameter text displays

  • Master output fader grouped with stereo level meter

  • Arrays of drum pads

  • Transport controls for use with Playback plug-in

  • Channel strip controls

  • XY pad

The first time you add a custom grouped control to the Screen Controls palette, the My Grouped Controls tab appears in the palette. You can add custom grouped controls and name them so they will be accessible from every concert. For information about adding custom grouped controls to the Screen Controls palette, see Group screen controls.