Add common screen controls

In Layout mode you can quickly add screen controls to your layout and arrange them in the workspace.

You can drag screen controls into the workspace in any order. If you plan to perform with a keyboard controller, you might want to first drag a keyboard screen control into the workspace, position it near the center, and then drag screen controls for the faders, knobs, wheels, buttons, and other physical controls on the keyboard controller.

Add a screen control

  • Drag the screen control from the Screen Controls palette to the workspace.

    As you drag the screen control to the workspace, a white outline appears, showing where it will be added. You can use the alignment guides to align the screen control with other items in the workspace.

When you drag a screen control into the workspace, the control is selected, and the available hardware assignments and other parameters for the screen control appear in the Screen Control Inspector to the left of the workspace. Different types of screen controls have different parameters; for more information, see Screen control parameter editing overview.