Drum pad screen control parameters

You can use drum pad screen controls with hardware drum pads. You can edit the following parameters for drum pad screen controls.

Hardware Input

  • Device pop-up menu: Shows the name of the hardware device with the drum pad control. You can choose another device, All, or Unassigned.

    Note: If the Device parameter for a drum pad screen control is set to All, the MIDI note that triggers the drum pad (set in the Note value slider) is not sent to any keyboard screen controls in the patch, and so does not produce sound from any software instrument plug-ins “played” using those keyboard screen controls.

  • Channel pop-up menu: Choose the MIDI channel on which MainStage receives input from the controller.

  • Note value slider: Change the MIDI note for the drum pad to a different value than the learned value.


  • Color selector: Choose the color for the active part of the screen control, so that you can easily see when the drum pad is pressed.

Text Labels

  • Color selector: Choose the color for the active part of the text label.

  • Justification buttons: Click to set the text justification (left, center, or right).

  • Display pop-up menu: Choose what information is displayed in the text display area and how many lines are used to display text.

  • Add hardware label checkbox and field: Select the checkbox, then enter hardware label text in the field to display it on the top line of the control’s text display.