Use other plug-in window controls

All MainStage plug-ins share a common set of controls. In addition to the Settings pop-up menu, plug-ins include controls for switching between views, bypassing the plug-in, and comparing plug-in settings before and after adjustments. You will also find extended plug-in parameters at the bottom of some plug-in windows.

You can view plug-in parameters in Editor view, which shows a graphical interface for the plug-in, or in Controls view, which shows parameters arranged in a row of value sliders where appropriate.

Bypass a plug-in

  • Click Bypass in the header at the top of the plug-in window.

When a plug-in that is mapped to a screen control is bypassed, the screen control appears dimmed in the workspace.

Compare the plug-in before and after adjustments

  1. Click Compare in the plug-in window header to hear the plug-in with its saved settings.

  2. Click Compare again to hear the plug-in with your latest changes (since saving).

Adjust the size of a plug-in window

Do one of the following:

  • Drag the lower-right corner of the plug-in window.

  • Choose the window size from the View pop-up menu in the header of the plug-in window.

Show extended plug-in parameters

  • Click the disclosure triangle at the bottom of the plug-in window.

Switch between Editor and Controls view

  • Choose the Controls or Editor item from the plug-in window header’s View pop-up menu.