Scale channel strip velocity

You can scale the output velocity of a channel strip using the Velocity Scaling graphs. You can scale output velocity based on note input or input velocity.

When you perform velocity scaling, each input velocity (regardless of the note being played) is scaled to the output velocity.

When you perform note scaling, output velocity is scaled depending on the note in the key range. This is useful when you want to have a parameter change in different parts of the key range; for example, when a filter or attack parameter opens for higher note values to give a brighter, sharper sound.

Open a velocity scaling graph

  1. In the Channel Strips area, select the channel strip on which you want to perform velocity scaling.

  2. In the Channel Strip Inspector, click the MIDI Input tab.

  3. In the MIDI Input tab, do one of the following:

    • To open the velocity input graph: Select the Velocity Input button.

    • To open the note input graph: Select the Note Input button.

For information about editing the graph, see Work with graphs.