Filter MIDI messages

You can filter some MIDI messages for a channel strip in the Channel Strip Inspector. When you select one or more MIDI message types in the Filter section of the Channel Strip Inspector, the corresponding MIDI message types are filtered out of any incoming MIDI data and are not sent to the channel strip.

You can filter the following types of MIDI messages:

  • Pitch Bend

  • Sustain (control message 64)

  • Modulation (control message 1)

  • Expression (control message 11)

  • Aftertouch

Filter incoming MIDI messages

  1. In the Channel Strip Inspector, click the MIDI Input tab.

  2. In the Filter section of the MIDI Input tab, select the checkbox for the MIDI messages you want to filter.

    If you have created a controller transform, you can filter the input message type, and the controller transform will still send its output message type. It is also possible to filter the output message type, but in this case the output of the controller transform will be filtered.