Use multiple instrument outputs

MainStage supports multiple output versions of the EXS24 mkII, Ultrabeat, and some Audio Units instruments. You can insert multi output instruments and use them to route different outputs to different physical outputs, to apply different plug-ins or processing to different outputs, or for other uses.

If an instrument supports multiple outputs, one or more multi output versions are available in the Instrument Plug-in pop-up menu for the instrument.

Figure. Plug-in menu showing Multi Output item in submenu.

The Plug-in menu shows specific information about output configurations, for example:  EXS24:  Multi Output (5xStereo, 6xMono).

Note: Not all instruments support multiple outputs. If no multi output version is available in the Plug-in menu, the instrument does not support multiple outputs.

Insert a multi output instrument

  1. On the channel strip in which you want to use the multi output instrument, click the Instrument slot.

  2. Choose the instrument from the Plug-in menu, and choose the multi output version from the submenu.

    The instrument name appears in the Instrument slot, and a small Add button (+) appears below the Solo button on the channel strip. The Output for the instrument is set to Output 1-2.

  3. Double-click the Instrument slot to open the instrument (plug-in) window.

    You need to set up the output routing for individual sounds or samples in the instrument (plug-in window). You set up output routing for the EXS24 mkII in the Instrument Editor, and set up output routing for Ultrabeat in the Output menu of the Assignment section of the Ultrabeat window.

  4. On the channel strip, click the Add button (+) to add additional outputs.

    Each time you add an output, a new section of the channel strip is added, with the next available pair of outputs.

    Each output uses the same instrument, but each can have its own inserts, volume, pan, and expressions settings and its own effect sends as well as its own outputs.

For more information about using multiple instrument outputs, see Logic Pro Helpand the Logic Pro Instruments manual. Information about specific instruments (for example, Ultrabeat) can be found in the chapters covering those instruments.