Use feedback protection with channel strips

You can use feedback protection on audio and external instrument channel strips in MainStage. Feedback protection is turned off by default. You can turn feedback protection on or off for individual channel strips in the Channel Strip Inspector, and enable feedback protection globally in MainStage > Preferences > Audio.

Turn feedback protection on or off

  • In the Attributes tab of the Channel Strip Inspector, select the Feedback Protection checkbox to turn feedback protection on. Deselect the checkbox to turn it off.

When feedback protection is turned on for a channel strip, MainStage alerts you when it detects feedback on the channel. When the feedback alert appears, the channel is temporarily silenced. You can then choose to mute the channel while you find and eliminate the source of the feedback, disable feedback protection for all audio and external channel strips in all concerts, or continue to use the channel and receive alerts when feedback occurs.

For more information about enabling feedback protection globally (in MainStage > Preferences > Audio), see Audio preferences.