Create and delete assignments and mappings

The Assignments & Mappings tab includes an Assign & Map button so you can quickly create new assignments and mappings. You can also create assignments and mappings independent of any screen control, allowing you to use a hardware control to adjust the value of a parameter or action for which there is no screen control in the workspace.

You can also delete assignments and mappings in the Assignments & Mappings table. When you select a row in the table with both an assignment and a mapping, only the mapping is deleted. When you select a row containing only an assignment, an alert appears. If the assignment has a screen control, the assignment is deleted but the screen control remains in the table. If the assignment has no screen control, the entire row is deleted.

Create a new assignment and mapping together

  1. Choose New Assignment from the Action pop-up menu.

    A new, blank row appears in the table.

  2. Click the Assign & Map button.

  3. Manipulate the hardware control you want to assign.

    The row is updated to show the new assignment.

  4. To create a mapping, do one of the following:

    • Select a mapping parameter or action in the Screen Control Inspector.

    • Click a parameter on a channel strip or a plug-in window.

    The table is updated to show the new mapping.

Delete an assignment

  1. In the table, select the row with the assignment, then press the Delete key.

  2. In the alert that appears, click Delete.

Delete a mapping

  • In the table, select the row with the mapping, then press the Delete key.