Screen controls overview

After you have created your patches and learned controller assignments for the screen controls you want to use, you can map MainStage screen controls to channel strip and plug-in parameters to modify the sound of your patches while you perform, or map them to MainStage actions to control other functions. You will likely want to map screen controls to parameters in each patch in a concert, so that you can easily access and modify the parameters you want for each patch when you perform live.

You map screen controls to parameters in Edit mode. After you learn controller assignments (in Layout mode), the screen controls in the workspace do not respond to movements of physical controls on your MIDI hardware until you map them to channel strip parameters (in Edit mode). You can map screen controls to parameters  by visually selecting the parameters or by choosing parameters in the Parameter Mapping browser. You can also create mappings in the Assignments & Mappings table. For information, refer to Assignments and mappings overview.