Set hardware matching behavior for screen controls

Some hardware synthesizers and music workstations let users control what happens when you move a physical control that is set to a different value than the parameter it modifies. The parameter value can instantly change to the position of the physical control (sometimes called jump), it can change by the same amount (called relative), or it can not change at all until the physical control matches its current value (called snap).

You can set the behavior for screen controls in MainStage to any of these behaviors when you move the physical control assigned to the screen control.

Set the behavior for screen controls when you move a hardware control

  1. Select the patch.

  2. Select the screen control for which you want to set the hardware matching behavior.

  3. In the Attributes tab of the Screen Control Inspector, choose the parameter change behavior for the screen control from the “When hardware value differs from screen value” pop-up menu:

    • To have the screen control use the default behavior set in MainStage preferences: Choose Preference.

    • To have the screen control instantly change to match the hardware value: Choose Jump.

    • To have the screen control change when the hardware control matches its current value: Choose Pickup.

    • To have the screen control move relative to the hardware control: Choose Relative.

    Note: When you choose an item from the menu, a brief description of its function appears below the pop-up menu.