Edit mode overview

Edit mode is where you add, edit, and manage patches to create your custom sounds and organize them in your concert. Tasks you can perform in Edit mode include the following:

  • Choose patch settings in the Patch Library

  • Add, select, and organize patches in the Patch List

  • Edit patch parameters in the Inspector

  • Map screen controls to parameters and actions

Patches are the individual sounds you play using your MIDI controller, and the effects setups you use with your microphone, electric guitar, or other instrument. MainStage patches can contain one or multiple channel strips, each with a different instrument or effects setup.

If MainStage is in Layout or Perform mode, you first switch to Edit mode to begin working.

Switch to Edit mode

  • Click the Edit button in the top-left corner of the MainStage window.

While you are working in Edit mode, you can use the Activity Monitor in the toolbar to view the current CPU and memory information as well as received MIDI messages. You can show or hide the CPU and memory meters in MainStage > Preferences > Display. For information, see Display preferences.