Use the Playback waveform display

The waveform display shows the waveform of the currently loaded audio file. The vertical line in the center of the display indicates the current playback position as the waveform scrolls from right to left. Above the waveform, the time ruler displays time in either hours, minutes, and seconds (when Sync mode is off) or bars and beats (when Sync is on). If the audio file contains marker information, the marker names and positions appear below the time ruler.

Figure. Waveform display, showing File field, ruler, and playhead.

You can drag the waveform horizontally to move to a different position while Playback is stopped. Playback starts from the new position if the Play From parameter is set to Current Position.

Note: The Snap To and Play From parameters can affect playback behavior. See Playback Sync, Snap To, and Play From parameters.

Markers, if present, are indicated on the marker bar, below the ruler. You can load audio files that contain markers, or add markers to the loaded audio file using the Add Marker command in the shortcut menu. For information about adding, renaming, and deleting markers, see Use markers with the Playback plug-in.

Move to different markers with the marker bar

Do one of the following:

  • Click a marker in the marker bar to move it to the current playhead position (in the center of the waveform display). Playback begins from this position if you are in play mode.

  • Click to the left of a marker to move the preceding marker to the centered current position indicator. Repeated clicks move earlier markers to the current position indicator. Playback begins from this position if you are in play mode.