Assign Playback plug-ins to groups

The Playback plug-in provides an additional form of control using groups. If you use multiple instances of the plug-in in your concert, you can use groups to control which instances play together and which are mutually exclusive. When Playback instances are in the same group, a change to the Play/Stop, Cycle, Fade Out, Return to Start, Go to Previous Marker, or Go To Next Marker parameters in one instance changes that parameter for every member of the group. You can use up to 100 groups, each identified by a different letter. Starting one group stops all other groups, while ungrouped instances of the plug-in continue playing.

If you are using multiple instances of the Playback plug-in in a group, you can start and stop their playback together by starting or stopping any member of the group using a screen control mapped to the Play/Stop parameter. When playback instances are grouped, playback is “locked” so changes in position affect all members of the group. You can control other aspects of playback, such as having the group fade out or loop playback, using screen controls mapped to the corresponding controls in the plug-in window of any member of the group. Playback instances that are not members of a group are not affected.

You assign an instance of the Playback plug-in to a group from the Group pop-up menu, located in the lower-right corner of the plug-in window.

Assign a Playback plug-in to a group

  1. If the Playback plug-in window is not open, double-click its name in the Input slot to open it.

  2. Choose the letter of the group you want to assign the instance to from the Group pop-up menu.