Tips for performing with keyboard controllers

If you are using one of the Keyboards templates designed for use with a MIDI-compatible keyboard controller, you can play your keyboard and use MainStage as a sophisticated sound module and multi-effects processor. The patches in the template make extensive use of the software instrument plug-ins included with MainStage as well as a wide range of effects plug-ins.

If you plan to use multiple keyboard controllers when you perform, you can choose whether screen controls respond to MIDI messages from all controllers or only a specific controller and whether channel strips receive input from all controllers or only a single controller.

In Layout mode, screen controls can be set to respond to MIDI input on all MIDI ports and channels or to only a specific device or channel. To have a screen control respond to MIDI input from all controllers, choose All from both the Device and Channel pop-up menus in the Layout Inspector. To have a screen control respond to a specific controller or to the same channel as the keyboard screen control, choose that controller from the Device pop-up menu.

In Edit mode, you set the device from which a channel strip receives MIDI input in the Input tab of the (software instrument) Channel Strip Inspector. By default, channel strips receive input from the first controller in the layout. You can set a channel strip to receive input from another device in the Input pop-up menu.