Tips for complex hardware setups

It is highly recommended that you test your concert thoroughly using the same setup you plan to use in live performance prior to performing, at the performance venue if possible. This is especially important for more complex hardware setups.

If you use MainStage with a complex hardware setup, for example, with multiple MIDI controllers or MIDI interfaces or with multiple audio inputs, you will achieve the best results when you use exactly the same hardware setup you used when you created your concert.

If you plan to use MainStage with different controllers, interfaces, or other devices than the ones you used to create your concert, you need to relearn your hardware assignments using your performance hardware setup. To facilitate working in this situation, you can create two separate layouts, one for your studio setup and another for your performance setup, with corresponding screen controls in each layout. Before you perform, import the performance layout into your concert. The hardware assignments for your performance setup are imported with the layout, and your mappings are maintained.