Layout mode

Layout mode is where you customize your onscreen layout. You drag screen controls into the workspace and arrange them onscreen to customize your layout. You can also make connections between your MIDI hardware and your concert in Layout mode, by creating controller assignments between your MIDI hardware and the screen controls.

Layout Mode, showing the Screen Control Inspector and Screen Controls Palette.
  • Screen Control Inspector: View and edit parameters for screen controls in the workspace, including hardware input, appearance, and certain types of MIDI output parameters.

  • Screen Controls Palette: Drag screen controls from the palette into the workspace to add them to your onscreen layout. The palette has four tabs so that you can view all screen controls or only one type of screen control. Panel controls appear as two-dimensional objects in the workspace, while shelf controls appear on an adjustable three-dimensional shelf. The Smart Controls screen control adapts the controls available depending on what patch you select.

In Layout mode, unlike the other modes in MainStage, you cannot select or edit individual patches.

For information about working in Layout mode, see Layout mode overview.