Loopback interface

The Loopback interface resembles a hardware tape-loop device. This section will familiarize you with various areas of the Loopback interface.

Figure. Loopback window.
  • Waveform display: The waveform display shows the waveform of the recorded audio material, the playhead position, and the ruler. See Loopback waveform display.

  • Transport and Function controls: The transport and function buttons are located to the left and right of the information display in the silver bar that spans the plug-in window. See Loopback transport and function controls.

  • Information display: The information display provides details on the current playback position and recording length, meter, tempo, and fade time. See Loopback information display.

  • Sync, Snap To, Play From, and Group pop-up menus: The black bar across the bottom contains the Sync, Snap To, and Play From pop-up menus. These are used to set playback and recording behavior. See Loopback Sync, Snap To, and Play From parameters. The Group pop-up menu sets group membership for each Playback instance. See Use the Loopback group functions.

  • Action menu: The Action menu is accessed by clicking the button with the gear icon at the top right of the interface. It provides import and export, monitoring, and other commands. See Loopback Action menu.