Loopback information display

The information display shows information about several key aspects of the audio material in the tape loop and lets you edit some of the displayed values.

Figure. Information display.

Information Display parameters

  • Position field: Indicates the current playhead position.

  • Length field: Displays the length of the loop.

    If Sync is set to Off, Loopback analyzes the first take and determines the tempo and length, using the concert tempo as a starting point. After the length is set, it cannot be changed (until you clear the tape loop).

    If Sync is set to On, you can set the length (in the information display, or using a screen control) before you record the first take. If you do not set the length, Loopback analyzes the first take and sets the length using the concert tempo, rounding up to the next whole bar.

  • Position dial: Displays the current playback position in the context of the overall loop length.

  • Meter field: Displays the meter (time signature) of the audio material. The bar and beat values can be altered independently, which changes the ruler display and may alter the Length field display, but does not affect audio playback. It cannot be changed once the length is set without first clearing the tape loop.

  • Tempo field: Displays the tempo in beats per minute. The tempo is “locked” after the first recording and cannot be changed.

  • Fade Time field: Indicates the fade-out time in seconds. Drag vertically to adjust this value. See Loopback transport and function controls.