Get started with Perform mode

After learning controller assignments and mapping screen controls, you can try playing your patches as you would in a performance. You can have the workspace occupy the entire screen, presenting the screen controls as large as possible for easy viewing in concert environments, or view the workspace in a window, so you can use the toolbar buttons and access other applications.

For more information about using Perform mode, see the topics in the Perform Live with MainStage chapter.

Switch to Perform mode

Do one of the following:

  • Choose View > Perform in Full Screen (or press Command-4).

    Note: By default, the Perform button opens the workspace in full screen. For information about changing the default (in MainStage > Preferences > Display), see Display preferences.

  • Click the Perform button in the toolbar.

View the workspace in a window

  • Choose View > Perform in Window (or press Command-3).

    You can use either workspace view to play the patches you added or modified and use the controls on your MIDI controller to modify the parameters you have mapped to screen controls.