Learn a controller assignment

You can assign hardware controls to screen controls in the Layout Inspector, or in the Assignments and Mappings tab. Learning controller assignments is a quick and easy method for assigning hardware controls to screen controls.

Note: To be able to assign a hardware control to a screen control, the hardware control must send standard MIDI messages. For more information, see MIDI devices overview.

Learn a new controller assignment

  1. In the workspace, select the screen control you want to learn.

    The selected control appears highlighted in blue.

  2. Click the Assign & Map button at the top of the workspace.

    The button glows red to indicate that the assignment process is active.

  3. On your MIDI device, move the control you want to assign. Move faders and knobs through their full range of motion, and press buttons exactly three times (not too quickly) to enable MainStage to correctly learn the MIDI message types sent by these controls.

    After the assignment process, the screen control responds when you move the corresponding hardware control. This shows that the screen control is receiving MIDI input and is correctly assigned.

  4. While the Assign button is red, you can learn additional controller assignments by selecting another screen control and moving the hardware control you want to assign to it.

  5. When you are finished assigning controls, click the Assign & Map button again to turn off the assignment process.

For information about working in the Assignments and Mappings pane, see Assignments and mappings overview. For information about making controller assignments in Layout mode, see Controller assignments overview.