Get started with MainStage
Quick Help, Perform mode, Get started with layouts, Assignments and mappings, Channel strips, Patches, MainStage window, Overview.

MainStage basics
How to get help, MainStage interface overview, MainStage workflow overview, What is MainStage?.

Connect external devices
Connect audio devices, Connect MIDI devices, Overview.

Work in Edit mode
Record audio output, Share patches and sets, Work with sets, Edit screen control parameters, Work in the Assignments and Mappings tab, Map screen controls, Create controller transforms, Work with graphs, Create keyboard layers and splits, Work with plug-ins.

Work with concerts
Control the metronome, Work at the concert level, Mute audio output, Silence MIDI notes, Change the tuning for a concert, Send unused program changes to channel strips, Set the pan law for a concert, Define the source for program change messages, Tempo in MainStage concerts, Set the time signature for a concert.

Work in Layout mode
Change the aspect ratio of a layout, Import a layout, Export layouts, How MainStage passes through MIDI messages, Edit screen control parameters, Assign hardware controls to screen controls, Work with screen controls, Layout mode overview.

Playback plug-in
Use the Playback plug-in in a concert, Use markers with the Playback plug-in, Use the Playback Action menu and File field, Use the Playback group functions, Playback Sync, Snap To, and Play From parameters, Playback information display, Playback transport and function buttons, Use the Playback waveform display, Playback interface, Playback plug-in overview.

Loopback plug-in
Add a Loopback plug-in, Loopback Action menu, Use the Loopback group functions, Loopback Sync, Snap To, and Play From parameters, Loopback information display, Loopback transport and function controls, Loopback waveform display, Loopback interface, Loopback plug-in overview.

Perform live with MainStage
Tips for complex hardware setups, After the performance, Record your performances, The Playback plug-in in performance, Tune guitars and other instruments with the Tuner, Tips for performing with guitars and other instruments, Tips for performing with keyboard controllers, Tempo changes in performance, Screen controls in performance, Select patches in performance.

MainStage preferences
Display preferences, MIDI preferences, Audio preferences, General preferences, Overview.

Key commands and command sets
Customize key commands, Key commands, Overview.

MainStage actions
Table of actions, Overview.